School Mission, Vision and Norms

Excellence Beyond Expectations

All children are empowered to achieve excellence as a community of lifelong learners who take ownership for their holistic development and mastery of a rigorous curriculum.

To teach the whole child by providing a challenging, focused, comprehensive, academic program in a nurturing environment.

--> Children need a safe and nurturing environment in which to learn and succeed.
--> Education is an ongoing process that engages the student, school, families, and community.
--> Children learn best when a variety of instructional strategies are implemented.
--> The use of formative and summative assessments guide instruction for all students.

--> Set and maintain a positive tone
--> Respect the role of the leader
--> Listen respectfully and actively
--> Value each other’s opinions
--> Cooperate: share the vision, focus and contribute, using your gifts and talents, to the task at hand
--> Professionally hold each other accountable to follow rules and procedures.

Our first building, named the Concord School, was a one-room schoolhouse, completed in 1838, in the community of Hickory Valley. Just over forty years later, it was relocated to the intersection of Graysville and East Brainerd Roads and renamed Mackie School. By 1879, it had become apparent that one room was no longer big enough to house all the students.

Three more moves followed to accommodate the increasing number of students, along with two more name changes. By the early twentieth century, students were learning on the East Brainerd Elementary campus, which was built alongside East Brainerd Road. The school grew with the community and by 2011 East Brainerd Elementary operated on two campuses with intermediate grades housed at the David Brainerd School on Goodwin Road.

Construction began on our current campus in 2013, and almost 1,000 students moved in at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year. The new East Brainerd Elementary School proudly opened in August 2015 with just under 1,000 students. A tornado in April 2020 caused widespread damage to East Brainerd Elementary, but the school community remained resilient and temporarily relocated to the new East Hamilton Middle School campus in Apison before gratefully returning home in January 2021. Today our student population is over 1,200 students. We are the largest elementary school in Hamilton County and proud to continue serving our community after nearly two centuries!
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