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  Mission Statement  

Our Motto:

East Brainerd Elementary = Excellence Beyond Expectations


Our Vision Statement:

East Brainerd Elementary is committed to fostering a caring environment where students and teachers feel safe to share their ideas, explore challenging education and value growth that leads to life-long learning.


Our Mission Statement:

To teach the whole child by providing a challenging, focused, comprehensive and academic program in a nurturing environment.


Our School Beliefs:

1.      Children need a safe and nurturing environment in which to learn and succeed.

2.      Education is an ongoing process that engages the student, school, families and community.

3.      Children learn best when a variety of instructional strategies are implemented.

4.     The use of formative and summative assessments guide instruction for all students.

Our School Norms:

1.      Set and maintain a positive tone

2.      Respect the role of the leader

3.      Listen respectfully and actively

4.      Value each other’s opinions

5.      Cooperate: share the vision, focus and contribute, using your gifts and talents, to the task at hand

6.      Professionally hold each other accountable to follow rules and procedures.

  About The School